Coupon 4 Charity -   sale point marketing
Coupon for Charity, Ltd, in 1998, developed a new concept of marketing and sale promotion for items sold in supermarket, malls, and other market locations. The system is based on distribution of discount coupons at the point of sale while the shopper donates money for charity organization.
The custom build donation machine is placed right in the entrance to the supermarket. Shoppers entering to purchase goods are solicited to donate a small amount for charity. After verifying the coin validity, it pushes out, trough special dispenser, 2 to 5 coupons to use in the supermarket.
This marketing system is a Win-Win situation for all the groups involved. The supermarket gets a push in sales and recognition of involvement with helping the community. The shopper wins by helping the charity organization and also by receiving discounts while using the coupons. The Manufacturer giving the discount coupons receives exposure right at the point of sale for the promotional items. The marketing company owing the donations machines increases sales and profits by selling advertising to the manufacturer and other sponsors. This marketing system is protected by CPT international patent and the American patent office.
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