Personal SPA -   The ultimate in leisure automation
ATID Ltd, 2003, innovator of luxury smart home design for the technological age, introduced a heavenly blend of water, lather and rejuvenating massage The Ultimate Personal Spa. The spa is a masseuse and a therapy system, utilizing the most advanced state of the art system technology and installed in the privacy of onesí own personal shower
The entire unit is activated by a voice recognition system that identifies and responds to a personal unique language. The seating unit automatically emerges from its wall fixture, and with special sensors adjusts its dimensions to fit the users unique size. This innovative self cleaning hygienic system automatically provides customized preference for touch, water temperature, and water pressure with pre programmed computerized technology. Specially designed massage heads are equipped with sensitive fingers and highly developed sensors to shampoo the scalp even with the longest of hair. The ultimate personal spa provides you with relaxing or invigorating massage in the shiatsu, Swedish and other traditions
Yaacov worked with a group of engineers as the manager of the software team. Responsibilities were to architect the logic and functionality of the software so that the end user will be given the maximum flexibility and ease in utilizing the SPA. Interfacing many modules and objects such as voice response. heat sensors, servo engines, security alarms and so on, made the project very complex but not impossible. Prototype factory was selected in Italy to build the unit. There, the project run out of budget and ATID closed its doors. The idea is left in the fantasies of the people that worked on it.
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