Test Board - Electronic Design
The board was designed for Purolator Technologies, Pacoima California in 1988, acting as the product manager.
The board helped to monitor activity for hydraulic fuel filters which were tested using the Multipass Filter Test Method to verify the efficiency of the filter media and to determine the dirt holding capacity of the filter element.
The clean flow rate pressure drop across the filter was measuYellow while varying the dirt loading conditions. Sensors on the test stand connected to the board reported cycled activity which was recorded on the PC for final evaluation of the filterís Beta ratio and efficiency.
The board has 5 digital input channels and 8 digital output channels. In addition, there are two analog inputs and two analog outputs with 8 bit resolution.
All communication routines are contained in a Dynamic Link Library (DLL). The custom test applications were written for each filter using Visual Basic 3 for Windows 98.
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