TheGame -   Internet Trivia Game
TheGame is an internet based tournament of questions that requires the knowledge, speed, and accuracy of the players. The answer is delivered by "punching in" a numerical response on the 10-key pad of the computer keyboard. The correct answer to a skilled trivia question, will determine the players' ability to win the cash prizes. Players are assembled in groups of 10 so they can play against each other live.
As the player answers the questions correctly, he advances to higher levels, and therefore has the opportunity to win several cash prizes corresponding to the number of winning answers provided. In order to receive the grand prize of $50,000, one will have to play and climb seven (7) levels, answering seven consecutive questions (Approximately 10 million players). As the player logs in to TheGame, a one time fee of $2.95 is incurred.
TheGame idea was innovated in 1986 by Mr. Avichai Madmoni. After four years in development and marketing, under the direction of Mr. Neil Kadish (GNC Industries), TheGame was ready for live action. Together with other well-known individuals, "The 900 Million Production, Inc." company was formed.
TheGame was a new concept which was based on a telephone. The computer system was managed by HSN (Home Shopping Network) and the telephone system by MCI. The initial investment for the project was Two Million dollars.
TheGame was run one time only for a period of two weeks, in which 800,000 players played for the grand prize. The first winner, Mr. George Burditt won ONE MILLION DOLLARS in cash answering the final question "How many eggs are in three dozens??
Unfortunately, ATT, which held a patent over the telephone dialing pad, threatened MCI with a lawsuit regarding infringement of patent using the telephone. The Game and "The 900 Million Production Inc." company were closed
The status of TheGame today is pending financial investment to complete the software development. Approximately $225,000 are required to finish the project.

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The image of the client sofware
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